Post Graduate Entrance Examination Botany??(English, Paperback, Arihant Experts)


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Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: ARIHANT
Genre: Entrance Exam Preparation
ISBN: 9789313190127, 9313190125
Edition: 2019
Pages: 279

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Many Students dreams to pursue their Post Graduate Degree from prestigious educational institutes, and for the last few years, most of the Central and State universities are conducting their entrance exams for students intake into their PG Courses. Applying in more than one college is fair. The only thing to take into consideration is to prepare from the right study resource for acing various entrance exams.
The revised version of Post Graduate Entrance Exam Botany is a one-stop solution for those who are preparing for the Entrance Exams to pursue M.Sc. It has 45 chapters which cover the complete theory of Botany based on the latest test pattern of different universities. Each chapter is coupled with practice materials for enhancing conceptual clarity. With more than 1600 objective questions and 5 Practice Sets for complete examination practice, it is a highly useful resource for PG Entrance in Science. It enables the aspirants to score high in their exams and helps them to move one step ahead towards the goal of their life.

Principles of Taxonomy, Classification of Living World, Structure of Bacterial Cell and Bacteriophage, Fungi and Lichens, Cryptogams, Phanerogams, Morphology and Vegetative Organs (Root, Stem and Leaf), Morphology of Reproductive Organs (Plants), Tissue, Histological Organisation of Root and Shoot Apex, Internal Structure of Root, Stem and Leaf, Secondary Growth in Root and Stem of Dicot (Sunflower), Wood Anatomy, Development of Male Gametophytes, Development of Female Gametophyte, Pollination, Fertilisation and Development of an Embryo, Structure, Development and Types of Endosperm, Structure of Dicot and Monocot Seed, Ultrastructure of Cell and Chromosome, Cell Cycle, Cell Division and Cell Signalling, Basis of Genetics and Mendelian Law of Inheritance, Chromosomes and their Behaviour, Sex Determination, Mutation and Chromosomal Aberration, Gene Expression, Regulation of Gene Expression, Evolution, Plant-Water Relation and Transpiration, Mineral Nutrition and Transport of Water and Organic Solute, Photosynthesis and Respiration, Plant Growth and Development, Role of Microbes in Human Welfare (Part I), Microbes in Healthcare and Medicine, Control Methods of Plant Disease, Introduction to Ecology and Environment, Biogeochemical Cycles, Organism, Population and their Community, Biodiversity, Environmental Pollution and Global Warming, Biotechnology, Basic Concepts of Plant Breeding, Hybridisation and Heterosis, Plant Resource Utilisation, Analytical Techniques in Plant Science, Biostatistics, Practice Sets (1-5)


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